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The ADARRN Model of Care (AMoC)

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Download AMoC here

This ADARRN Model of Care (AMoC) represents the collective wisdom and expertise of Aboriginal Community controlled residential rehabilitation services. Each service has a unique and discrete blend of approaches and modalities, with the shared core concept that culturally-informed practice and cultural identity forms the basis of healing for Aboriginal people.


The Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehabilitation Network (ADARRN) is a network of residential services located throughout Australia that specifically addresses the needs of Aboriginal people requiring residential treatment interventions and healing for alcohol and other drug (AOD) and associated issues.


The ADARRN overarching design represents a cohesive culturally-specific and responsive care model. The model is intended to provide an accurate and succinct description of the spectrum of approaches to care provided by ADARRN member services; to demonstrate the centrality of culturally- informed and culturally-appropriate practice provided; to enable a better understanding of the ADARRN network and outcomes amongst funding bodies and policy bodies; to demonstrate the rigorous and evidence-based framework under which ADARRN member services operate; and to inform funding decisions, workforce developments and policy discussions affecting Aboriginal people, communities and organisations.


It is deliberately not the purpose of this document to provide a program checklist nor is it an attempt to homogenise the broad spectrum of healing approaches offered within and between ADARRN member services. Each service maintains and, indeed, rests on their unique cultural protocols and responsibilities. Access to culturally-based knowledge and approaches remains solely the purview of each individual service in accordance with their unique cultural, organisational and governance frameworks.

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